Ocean Freight

We transit your shipment to anywhere in the world, there is no area beyond the limits of our services!
Completing your commercial transactions between different continents of the world is our first task, as our sea freight services not only benefit private commercial projects, but also push the movement of economic development and remove borders between countries as well.
And through our experience, we take your shipment from one location to another and cross the oceans, while ensuring complete safety and securing your container needs according to the materials to be shipped. It does not matter if you own a large company or are working on managing a small project. Our company specializes in providing international shipping services to all parties, as we have strong relationships with various shipping lines.

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Ocean Freight FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

– Cargo documents and invoices
– Reservation of cargo ships
– Cargo insurance
– 20′, 40′ containers
– Customs clearance
– Providing trucks and warehouses

Our reliance on efficient navigation schedules ensures that your goods arrive at the exact location and at the agreed time.