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It embodies the essence of who we are. Everything we do stems from our vision. We don’t happen to be a shipping company; This is what we are about. Our vision is to meet customer needs and make shipping an easier, cost-effective and worry-free experience.


Our mission is to be a world-class organization, exceeding our clients’ expectations by providing the best in class service. As well as to achieve the value of cost-effectiveness and benefit.

Our Philosophy

At Alexway, we have a clearly defined vision for our business.

Our goal is to be the most professional third-party logistics provider. We aim to establish a rich, long-term relationship and provide the best service between you, your suppliers and your customers, wherever and whenever they are.

With the help of your feedback, and using our expertise in skill and integrity, we tailor the services you need and continually strive to improve and adjust logistical, customs and trade solutions. Above all, we pride ourselves on the quality of the work we do and the trust our clients and partners give us. Our main goal is to understand and meet the needs of our customers and clients, thus contributing real value and helping our clients achieve continued success.

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Customer Satisfication Tools

We provide our customers with distinctive tools to follow up the shipment, the different stages of shipment and other tools to satisfy our customers

Management & Reporting

Manage shipments and prepare the necessary reports for shipments, and by following certain procedures that ensure security and confidentiality, you can simply call, send emails or use our online system to request records.

Customs clearance services

Our customers usually describe our experiences and customs clearance services as the best and most distinguished

Shipping and clearance services

Our services are of high quality and reasonable prices