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Are you looking to move a shipment in the fastest time with maximum security?
We are ready to make the necessary arrangements and facilitate a complete air freight service to transport your goods wherever and whenever you specify, our first and last goal is to help you advance your project and achieve the success you seek.
So, if you are in need of huge logistical capacity, just use our services, as we secure the private planes responsible for transporting your goods.

Alex Way guarantees you optimal solutions and effective coordination, as it has extensive administrative and organizational experience that facilitates the task of transporting your goods to any place, at any time and under any circumstances.

Case Way is also distinguished by providing its customers with an advanced package of comprehensive and integrated services and solutions that ensure the delivery of shipments on the agreed date while maintaining the provision of customized services of superior quality.

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Air Freight FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

– Air freight document
– Air reservations
– Shipping and insurance
– Handling and consolidating shipments
– full formatting
– Customs clearance
– Providing trucks and warehouses
– Vehicle Shipping

A clear vision for air freight and provides the best solutions in this field supported by innovative technologies and a strong network of international relations.