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If you are looking for third party services, then you should rely on a trustworthy provider. And because we seek to enable your project’s production capacity and enhance its operational efficiency, we have a huge team of designers and developers based on applying the most effective business practices.

With Alexway Logistics, your company will receive comprehensive support with express shipping and the opportunity to save on renting or purchasing buildings and equipment needed to store your goods.

Now, you can choose the storage space you need and expand it whenever you want.

We know that logistical operations and their attendant complexities and challenges require sophisticated and flexible solutions, and these are the solutions that enable us to meet the changing needs of customers and are subject to change or development.

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LOGISTICS FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Proper planning of shelves and floors and adoption of safety measures to ensure complete safety of your goods.

Huge warehouses
Continuously monitored warehouses
warehouse management system
temperature monitoring equipment
More than one berth for loading and unloading ships
repacking services